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Technology – Advanced Eye Care

We use the most up-to-date technology to ensure the best eye care possible. Here are some of the different types of tests and equipment you may experience on a visit to our Practice.

phoropter view from the side, high tech eye exam

OPTOS Retinal Exam

Annual eye exams are vital to maintaining your vision and overall health. We offer the optomap® Retinal Exam as an important part of our eye exams. The optomap® Retinal Exam produces an image that is as unique as you fingerprint and provides us with a wide view to look at the health of your retina. The retina is the part of your eye that captures the image of what you are looking at, similar to film in a camera.

Many eye problems can develop without you knowing. You may not even notice any change in your sight. But, diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears or detachments, and other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be seen with a thorough exam of the retina.

An optomap® Retinal Exam provides:

  • A scan to show a healthy eye or detect disease.
  • A view of the retina, giving your doctor a more detailed view than he/she can get by other means.
  • The opportunity for you to view and discuss the optomap® image of your eye with your doctor at the time of your exam.
  • A permanent record for your file, which allows us to view your images each year to look for changes.

The optomap® Retinal Exam is fast, easy, and comfortable for all ages. To have the exam, you simply look into the device one eye at a time and you will see a comfortable flash of light to let you know the image of your retina has been taken. The optomap® image is shown immediately on a computer screen so we can review it with you.

Please schedule your optomap® Retinal Exam today!

For more information on the optomap® Retinal Exam, go to the Optos website .

eidonHigh Definition Retinal Imager

Our High Definition Retinal Imager by Eidon helps us take High-Resolution images of your retina. Those images are helpful in monitoring retinal structure and recognizing any possible disorders.



Tests for irregularity in “peripheral” or “side” vision. It is used to detect many eye diseases as well as problems in the pituitary resized 115x125 Employee photos and office equipment 011 1gland and brain.

Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

Measures and maps full vision field. It is used to detect and monitor many eye diseases and neurological disorders.

Scout Topographer

Creates 3-D “map” of the cornea (clear front of the eye) -11,000 datapoints. It is used for precise designing of contact lenses and to monitor ongoing safety. Also used to detect and monitor cornea disease.

Smart Mirror (Application for IPAD)

Using the Smart Centration technology, we are able to take measurements needed to offer the highest level of customized designs. We can demonstrate the many products we offer such as: non-reflective lenses, polarized lenses, photochromic lenses, and digital surfacing to name a few. Now you can see yourself wearing up to four frames at a time on the screen to compare and make your selection. Pictures can be sent to a friend or family member for their opinion.